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Welcome to the website of ROMA Citizens, the online community of ROMA, the original and oldest ancient Roman themed land in Second Life®.

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ROMA Festivals
Every month, ROMA holds social events organized around the ancient Roman festival calendar. Historical recreations, dances, contests, chariot races, gladiator games, and many other events are organized by the ROMA Collegium of Priests and involve many of ROMA's affiliated groups.

Consult the ROMA Calendar and the ROMA Blog for a full schedule of events.
ROMA Groups
ROMA has a wide range of groups for socialization, education, re-creation, and other activities. Most ROMA groups are open to all Citizens. Some require special admission.

Visit the Groups page for more information about joining any group.
Learn all about ROMA and the ROMA Community with ten specially designed tours. They will take you around all of the sims attached to the estate, and also introduce you to the developed transit system that incorporates litters, horses, chariots, and ferries.
Want to get involved?
The ROMA Cursus Honorum is the ladder of public offices in ROMA SPQR. It shows you how to get involved in the activities and life of the estate.

Every office comes with special titles and free items and outfits!
ROMA Archaeology
Ever wondered how archaeologists interpret evidence to understand the past? Visit the 'ROMA Archaeology' exhibit in the ROMA Transtiberim and see what a real dig looks like.

Learn more about ROMA Archaeology on its page here.
Interested in Roleplay?
ROMA has its own system for those who would like to use the ROMA estate for roleplay. This system is separate from any others on the grid. Most visitors to ROMA do not roleplay, but for those who are interested, there is a system in place.

Read the ROMA Roleplay Rules to find out how we support roleplay in ROMA.
How well do you know ROMA?
The ROMA Scribae group are the chroniclers of our virtual community. They maintain a wiki and an in-world display inside the Library of Alexandria in ROMA. Contact William Gide if you would like to join and become a Scribae. (Those interested in the documentation of online communities are particularly encouraged.)

Visit the ROMA Scribae Page to learn more.
Meet the Prefect
Torin Golding is the builder, owner, and Urban Prefect of ROMA.

Find out about his background and his inspiration for ROMA here.
Info Social Media History
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